transittrailTransit-style Trail Maps

With everyone making transit-style maps of Interstate highways (cool!) and national parks (uh, weird?—others featured here), I decided to take a stab at my own map. I took a network near and dear (and well-known) to me—the White Mountains—and mapped it in the style of the New York City Subway Map. These are works in progress, but the current versions are pretty good (previous versions are, well, painful to look at; there is some comment on the process).




Hubway Data Challenge

The Hubway Data Challenge was a project to quantify data from the first year-plus of operation of Boston’s bike sharing system. The data were made available with very few guidelines. I took a rather linear approach and wound up with a multi-page website parsing, charting and mapping a variety of interesting data trends from the half million bike trips (only about 200 of them were my own). I look forward to continuing to work with these data as the bike sharing season begins anew soon. Featured by The Atlantic Cities, Planetizen.


fleaFranconia Ridge

When working at Greenleaf Hut in 2010, we had an amazing sunset rainbow which I photographed. By a stroke of luck, I didn’t have a wide-enough angle lens to take a picture of the whole ridge, so I took several vertical shots and stitched them together. The result was so good I repeated this process several more times as the light danced across the ridgelines later in to the fall. And, yes, posters are available for sale.