Cooking with Cranberries (link)

I love cranberries—to the extent that I once bought a 25 pound box (just $30!)—and cook them in to pretty much anything I make. You know, more than just cranberry sauce. I somewhat infrequently post recipes, or my excuses for recipes since I generally cook based on the “add stuff until it tastes/feels right” method.




Amateur Planner (link)

I have been, for years, erratically posting thoughts on transportation planning, transit, bicycling, design, signage, routefinding and a variety of other topics. Even though I am slightly less of an amateur a times, the title holds (perhaps I should change it to “armchair” or something of the sort). (Image from mapping transit routes by Yelp ratings; this could fall under the auspices of the next blog as well.) As featured in the Boston Globe.




Unconventional Data (link)

An offshoot of Amateur Planning, this is a new blog where I post comments on data which doesn’t really fit in to the “planning” scope. I thought about incorporating these posts, and thought better. Also updated erratically, whenever a post comes to mind.